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Get Set….. To Get Wet …. In Goaaaaaa !




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                       - DATES - FROM 15TH DEC 2017 TO 31 DEC 2018 [ EVERY DAY]
                       - DURATION 7 NIGHTS 8 DAYS
                       - FEES   RS 4200/-

                       - DATES FROM 12 DEC 2017 TO 5 JAN 2018 [ EVERY ALTERNATE DAY]        
                       - DURATION 7 NIGHTS 8 DAYS
                      -  FEES RS 5000/-

                        - DATES 11, 16,21,26,31 DEC 2017 AND 5 JAN 2018
                           DURATION 4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS
                           FEES RS 6000/-


Tuesday, October 14

National Trekking Expedition

To be with nature in its purest form is of utmost importance in our life. It surely satisfies our truth seeking hunger

Goa provides a multitude of natural attractions and its spell is so deep that one cannot resist the temptation of visiting again and again this land, where colourful customs and traditions strive to keep pace with the fast tempo of modern life.
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Photos taken by trekkers


NATIONAL Goa Biking Expedition

Since 2001, the Youth Hostel Association of India, Goa State Branch has been successfully organizing the National Trekking Expedition in Goa. We are once again organizing Goa Biking Expedition for adventure lovers. This trail will pass through the longest beach stretch in Goa, through dense forest, geological rock formations and historical temples and churches
The bikers will enjoy a splendid panorama of hills, sandy beaches, refreshing waterfalls, lush landscapes, serene mangroves, breath taking palm trees, sun kissed waterways, the Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Dudhsagar falls
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Video Of Bikers


NATIONAL Family Adventure Camping GOA

Goa State Branch of Youth Hostels Association of India is organising the National Trekking expedition  to fulfill the growing demand of countryside and beach trekking. Alongside we have been successfully conducting Family Camping for the benefit of our members who are not in a position to participate in the trekking but would like to be the part of adventure along with families and friends.
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Family Camping Video:


Saturday, June 28


To Participate in Goa Trekking/Biking/Sailing download the forms from below site .Registration Form
Medical Form
For Participating in Family Camp
If You are not a member of Youth Hostels Association Of India , Download the Enrollment Forms :
Fill in this Forms and send to Goa along with dd/at par cheque


When I met her during walk,she smiles and left soon,
Her beauty is incomparable even with moon.
Every one is craze after her shine & fame,
I am a fool forgotten to ask her name.
The crowd waits to see her from dawn to dusk,
When she comes there appears a fragrance of musk.
I did not listen Mr.Joshi's orientation in agony and shy,
She comes to my mind always when I close my eyes.
She promised to come in dream even it is out of reach,
Friends,she is none but my beloved the virgin Goan beach.
Today,the sun sets in her cradle with glory and pride,
I am helpless seeing evening as a golden cute bride.
- poem by Susanta Kumar Das , Participant of NTE -09

Thursday, May 15

Falling in Love again ...... .Gita Rane

It was a day like any other day. Long, hectic,routine and boring . I was trudging along home when an old college friend caught up with me. He was full of news and we merrily exchanged notes on all that had happened over all the years after college. The chance meeting, left me feeling nostalgic but a little disturbed as well. One thing he had said was, “Where is the old bubbly Gita?” He said he could hardly believe that I was the same trim, athletic & enthusiastic Gita from college! Was I so different now?

The best remedy for those who are unhappy, bored, lonely & stagnated is to step out of their everyday lives and rediscover themselves. This thought occurred to me when I realized that in the daily rumble & tumble of my life, I had forgone & forgotten all that I loved doing!
As it happens so often, asking the right question can lead you on to the right path, the same friend happened to refer me to become a member of the YHAI group(Youth Hostels Association of India). This is a wonderful Non Profit organization, which organizes various camps,trekking & other adventurous sports activities all over India

I was finally ready to let go of my comfort zone and challenge myself to dare to be different! It wasn’t all that easy as there were still feelings of fear of the unknown, fear of leaving the entire family and moving out all alone, also there was a fear of not getting the right support. Other very serious issues were that I was overweight and I had asthma. “Asthma and trekking?” I wondered. But with all the positive support that streamed in from my family, office colleagues and friends my fears were quietened slowly.
And then the day arrived when, as the great Nike has recommended, “I just did it”!
I left for my trek to the land of eternal sunshine: GOA! The journey began with a sleeper coach bus, where there was too much fun, singing and laughter to get any sleep!
I felt myself melding easily with all the others who had come on this journey with their own personal quest, for fun or just to get away! As the mammoth bus, lurched its way out of the city, I felt some of the stress and tiredness that Mumbaikars live with everyday, slip away. No office, no housework, no looking for rickshaws to get home for a whole week… what a joy!

The dawn of December 25th 2007 was one of those perfect mornings, where I saw my life change and get richer. I reported at the Goa Base Camp, which was a giant ground, dotted all over with tents. Since it was only the first day, it was meant for reporting and relaxing.
The next day was for acclimatization (quite hectic!), jogging at daybreak followed by physical exercises. With the thought of “Where is the old bubbly Gita?” racing through my head, I pushed myself to get involved with all the activities. Only later did I realize how much fun I was having doing it!

The next day was for rock climbing and rappelling. Rock climbing and me? Well that day I realized that there is much more to life that what we assume to know. I had never had a better time than scrambling over rocks and giggling over slipping & falling…I was 6 years old again!(as old as my Son Atharva)

On 27th Dec 2007, it was time for our batch of 51 members to march forward and trek to the heart of the jungle surrounding Goa! Our batch was G-11 and we proudly created a slogan, “Kashmir se Kanyakumari, Bharat hai sab pe bhaari!”

In the entire camp, from dawn to dusk, we walked and walked, sometimes passing through lovely palm groves & sometimes through sun kissed waterways. The Sun branded us with a tan seal of approval and made some of us go pink and brown while others dark brown!

With all the walking and discovering landscapes, most of us decided we had to sample the water sports activities, as all the colorful parasailing boats dotting the horizon were too tempting to resist! Parasailing was a great breath taking experience and I felt that I was talking to the wild wind on the seventh heaven!. Being up there in the air on your own was so invigorating! With adrenaline pumping in my head, I boldly undertook water biking which despite being a high-speed sport I got the hang of it immediately! The day ended with the whole gang of us taking off into the sea on a banana boat ride and giggling endlessly, every time someone lost there and got dunked in the midst of the deep sea!

The actual forest experience was truly enchanting. The forests were really dense. And so the atmosphere was dark and clammy. The rugged beauty of the Western Ghats totally took my breath away!We had to reach the tip of the mountain, which was at times very steep and very difficult to climb,We had to halt very frequently to control our fatigue.We had to pitch up tents and stay overnight in the middle of the dense forest,. A pretty thought when one is reading about it but definitely scarier for someone who has to live through it! Especially for me because I have always been afraid of the dark. But the dark forest with natural dim moonlight, seemed to cement the bonding and sociability within our group further. Everyone sat together, ate together and walked back & forth in the tent site. By that night, I had forever been cured of my fear of the dark. The warm bonfire with a lovely group of people and their happy singing voices in the middle of a huge forest drove away my darkness phobia!

As the trek came to a close there was a new light in my eyes, a new smile on my lips and a spring in my step! I returned to Mumbai tired, happy and charged up at the same time!
Just a week away doing new things had completely refreshed my tired body and soul.
Being together for so many days, created a very special bonding and close affection towards each other. My heart will carry the precious memories of this experience forever.

If you are jaded and stuck in a rut, the only way to get back the enthusiasm is to get up and get moving!

To sign off, all I can say is I have fallen in love once again, by changing myself.
Change loves brave hearts. Become one today and you will not regret it. And now I am off to plan my next trek. Hope to see you there!
***********Thank You***********